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What's happending at Tractor Vision

It’s no secret that set design and exhibit production is typically a male dominated industry, but females are increasingly breaking that mold and we love it!

Mother’s Day last week got us thinking about Tractor Vision’s amazing female workforce. To kick off the week, we want to take a moment to highlight our senior project manager, our very own mother hen of the shop, design maven and construction guru, Jenna Kieselbach!  

Jenna joined our team over 5 years ago and has transcended boundaries set by this industry. While prejudice still exists externally, we hope that we can continue to play our part to integrate amazing women in this industry and highlight their accomplishments until that prejudice is no more!

Jenna has played an integral part in Tractor Vision’s growth from a small shop with a crew of 10 with a handsaw some 15 years ago to a 15,000 square foot shop that’s running crews from LA to NYC 3659 days a year.

Here’s a look at some of Jenna’s work in 2019 so far:

Speaking of keeping this crew charged! Jenna managed the construction and design of this Cafe Bustelo Pop Up Shop in Santa Monica… “TGIC” (Caffeine)

Ever feel like you’re playing a game of cat and mouse with your budgets? One of the many reasons we love Jenna is because she acts as a partner to our clients rather than a vendor, genuinely caring about each detail and using her knowledge of material used to bring visions to life. There’s a lot of people that can design a rad set, but it takes experience and knowledge of materials and application methods to create a vision without blowing a budget. #kudos

Ok, so we aren’t the set shop with the suite, tie, khakis and stuffy conference room. At Tractor Vision, we LOVE to rock out with bold colors and unique style! Jenna is the queen bee of bold and we’re proud to see her unique flavor unfold in designs and builds like this culturally savvy and international inspiring set for Buchanans.

Have a napkin sketch or concept in need of savvy design chops and materials counseling? You know the guys [and gals] to call.

Building wall flats is for the birds… bring on Custom DJ Booths!

With a founder who once rocked the bass in a punk rock band touring through Europe, it’s no wonder why live events and stages are a guilty pleasure of Tractor Vision.

A good show requires more than great sound – spatial planning is key to engaging audiences in any genre and the live music landscape is increasingly demanding integrations with the five senses. We’re thanking the construction gods and advancements in technology for LED lighting and infinity mirrors. And for being able to work with kick ass clients like @joekay to build custom DJ booths for @Soulection at #SoulChella!

Bigger, Bolder Art Installations stole the Coachella cake in 2019.

With bigger, bolder, more concentrated art installations becoming the trend, how do brand activations stand out amongst the clutter of Coachella? As the evolution of desert festivals continues to reach younger audiences and the mix of art and influencers remains a key ingredient, the focus on organic brand positioning and big bold statements is where it’s at.    

At this year’s desert mania, color blocking took the win at an exclusive influencer party, one of Tractor Vision’s installations in Coachella Valley this year. We’ve partnered with numerous brands at Coachella for the last 4 years, but this year’s PacSun exhibit made a grandiose statement on a private estate that stood out past the sea of dehydrated festies.

Experiential marketing is all about brand positioning and our clients ESE Lifestyle get it, offering this year’s desert dancers a very orange-iginal retreat from the rays – an impactful way to engrain in the culture of Coachella and provide an iconic, instagramable backdrop for this epic party’s star studded guest list.

We just wish we stuck around after the install!