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Senior Project Manager _ Custom Fabrication

Tractor Vision is seeking a talented and enthusiastic Senior Project Manager of Custom Fabrication for the Events / Entertainment industry.

Tractor Vision is currently located in Downtown Los Angeles and is a leader in the Design and Fabrication industry for Events, Trade Shows, Sets and Museums all over the US. The company was founded in 2004, has been on a steady growth stream over the past several years and are expanding at a fast rate.

We are looking for individuals that want to work in a "Make It Happen" environment, where nothing is impossible and the limits are well beyond the sky. This is not an entry level role - we are looking for someone who has experience in this specific role in this industry.

A Senior Project Manager for the Events at Tractor Vision works with clients from the initial bidding of the event to the final details of closing the job and making sure that the client was happy and satisfied with the process, while at the same time monitoring costs and performance. This requires you to be a master at orchestrating people, tracking information, understanding construction and predicting roadblocks in order to prevent them.

When applying, please explain 3 reasons why you are the best candidate for this position.


In a nutshell, this job requires you to:

  • Know how to speak materials, colors, space, creative and size.
  • Manage jobs with budgets $200,000 and up.
  • Account for everything, make sure your team knows what happens and when, down to the tiniest detail.
  • Be assertive when needed with clients and employees.
  • Excel in communication, Energy and positivity.
  • Obsessive quality control. Perfection is not enough - Type A personalities welcomed!.
  • Understand thoroughly Technical Designs and be able to break them down into buildable components.

Your Experience:

  • 5+ years in custom fabrication, specifically the Entertainment or Event industry, directly managing clients and production.
  • Experience and understanding of the fabrication industry. If your vocabulary does not include "Hollywood Flat, MDF, COI, Laminates, 14gauge, narrow crown staple and so forth“ please don't waste our time.

All candidates will be asked to fill out a pre-screening questionnaire, and 2 work simulation tests. Skills we will test are:


  • Ability to Manipulate Excel Spreadsheet
  • Ability to talk colors, shapes, sizes and materials
  • Ability to breakdown a project in construction, finishing and logistic elements
  • Ability to accurately estimate costs based on knowledge of materials and construction.


  • Use and navigate 3D models in Sketchup / Vectorworks / CAD or the likes… there are many options nowadays
  • Managerial skills: You’ll be managing a team of people that will build, paint and install these projects - at times on tight, demanding timelines. You will need to supervise and keep them on task as a leader - which requires great tact and teamwork.


  • Project Management: 7 years (Required)
  • Fabrication / Production Industry: 10 years (Preferred)
  • Technical Design: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Education: Bachelors Degree (Preferred)
Job Benefits

We consider our employees to be our most valued asset. We offer a casual dress code, competitive compensation and great benefits.

Benefits are Medical, Dental and Vision, Paid PTO days and Paid Holidays.

Employment Type
Full time
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Construction, Production, Events
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340 East Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90011
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Position: Senior Project Manager _ Custom Fabrication

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