Thermo Kiosk

This hands-free kiosk checks and records temperatures, creating a safer, more professional environment for any private or public facility without the need for a dedicated employee at entry.

Tractor Vision Thermo Kiosk

Key Features:

  • Visual Customization: The large surface area allows for personalized branding, entirely customizable to fit your unique design aesthetic or signage needs.
  • Battery Operated or Plug and Play: The machine has the option of plug-and-play OR battery operation. The battery when included will last between 10 to 15 hours depending on usage.
  • Data Collection and Storage: The machine collects images scanned through the day with associated date, time and temperature recording. This data can be exported in an excel format for printing, analysis and /or reporting. 
  • Remote Access: When connected to WiFi, the kiosk can be accessed remotely for maintenance and basic remote operations and monitoring.
  • Beauty Lights: Lights are designed and placed to provide a pleasant and elegant light on the user’s faces.
  • Relay: This kiosk gives the ability to control a relay that will send a signal to a gate to open.
  • Facial Recognition: THERMO KIOSK has the ability to recognize faces (employees entry) as well as the ability to recognize users wearing (or not) a face mask.


This kiosk is NOT a medical device and is meant as a pre-screening measure to determine external temperature only. A medical thermometer and expertise will be necessary to properly determine the internal body temperature. 

How it works

  • Individual walks to the THERMO KIOSK and the kiosk automatically switches from standby to the on position.
  • Person sees their image on the screen and is directed to position their face in the proper location for scanning.
  • The kiosk reads and records the temporal temperature and gives visual and vocal feedback about permitted entrance.


  • WHITE: White matte all around
  • METALLIC: Brushed aluminum (silver)
  • WHITE & WOOD: White gloss laminate front & back; wood edges
  • CUSTOM: We take custom orders
  • BRANDING: Custom branding can be added to the kiosks in the form of vinyls and decals 



  • BASIC MODEL: White laminate finish, plug and play (without battery): $3,200
  • BATTERY: Additional $300


  • 1 DAY RENTAL: $200
  • 1 WEEK RENTAL: $700
  • 1 MONTH RENTAL: $1600

Rental units come with battery and remote access. Finish depends on availability.


  • Greater Los Angeles: $75 each way
  • Out of LA has to be shipped GROUND only. Quotes available on requests